100 ideas for live Polls to use in your next meeting

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Live polls has become an indispensable tool for engagement, collaboration, and decision-making. From brainstorming sessions and team-building activities to crucial strategic discussions, live polls infuse energy, creativity, and insights into various meeting scenarios. Below is an extensive list of poll ideas that we’ve pulled together across a variety of different meeting contexts, reflecting the multifaceted nature of today’s professional environment. Whether you are conducting a remote team meeting, planning a product launch, or navigating a crisis management session, these poll ideas offer a versatile solution tailored to your needs. We hope you will find something you can use below or at least some inspiration for what you can incorporate into your next live poll. So, go ahead, explore these innovative suggestions, and discover new ways to make your meetings more interactive, insightful, and impactful!

Human Resources Meetings

  1. Employee Benefits Preferences: Let employees vote on preferred benefits.
  2. Work Environment Satisfaction: Assess satisfaction with office conditions.
  3. Recruitment Strategy Vote: Decide on recruitment channels and methods.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion Feedback: Gather opinions on diversity efforts.
  5. Training Program Evaluation: Poll employees on the effectiveness of different training programs.

Marketing Meetings

  1. Campaign Effectiveness Rating: Rate the success of different marketing campaigns.
  2. Content Strategy Vote: Decide on content types and platforms.
  3. Customer Persona Preferences: Determine which customer personas to target.
  4. Branding Opinion Poll: Gather opinions on branding changes or updates.
  5. Social Media Platform Focus: Decide which social platforms to focus efforts on.

Research and Development Meetings

  1. Innovation Priority Poll: Determine where to focus innovation efforts.
  2. Feature Preference Voting: Decide which features to develop next.
  3. Technology Evaluation: Assess different technologies for development.
  4. Collaboration Tools Vote: Decide on tools and platforms for collaborative work.
  5. Product Development Timeline: Poll on realistic timelines for development.

Event Planning Meetings

  1. Venue Preference Poll: Let attendees vote on preferred venues.
  2. Theme Voting: Decide on event themes collaboratively.
  3. Speaker Preferences: Allow attendees to suggest or vote on speakers.
  4. Catering Choices: Poll on food and beverage preferences.
  5. Scheduling Preferences: Decide on dates and times that suit most attendees.

Crisis Management Meetings

  1. Crisis Priority Assessment: Determine the priority of handling various crises.
  2. Response Strategy Vote: Decide on the best response strategies.
  3. Stakeholder Communication Preferences: Decide how to communicate with stakeholders.
  4. Resource Allocation Poll: Determine where to allocate resources during a crisis.
  5. Recovery Plan Voting: Decide on long-term recovery plans.

Community and Stakeholder Meetings

  1. Community Project Voting: Allow community members to vote on local projects.
  2. Stakeholder Concerns Poll: Assess main concerns among stakeholders.
  3. Environmental Impact Rating: Let community rate opinions on environmental matters.
  4. Public Relations Strategy Vote: Decide on PR strategies with stakeholder input.
  5. Transparency and Reporting Preferences: Poll on preferred methods of transparency and reporting.

Non-Profit Organization Meetings

  1. Fundraising Strategy Voting: Decide on fundraising methods and platforms.
  2. Volunteer Engagement Poll: Assess how engaged and satisfied volunteers are.
  3. Mission Alignment Check: Determine if activities align with the organizational mission.
  4. Community Impact Assessment: Poll on perceived community impacts.
  5. Program Priority Vote: Decide on program focus and priorities.

Remote Team Meetings

  1. Remote Tools Preference Poll: Determine which remote collaboration tools are preferred.
  2. Time Zone Scheduling Vote: Find suitable meeting times across different time zones.
  3. Remote Team Building Preferences: Poll on preferred virtual team-building activities.
  4. Communication Channel Choices: Decide on primary channels for team communication.
  5. Remote Work Challenges Assessment: Gauge common challenges and areas for improvement.

Health and Safety Meetings

  1. Safety Training Needs Assessment: Determine training needs in safety protocols.
  2. Health and Wellness Program Voting: Decide on wellness programs or initiatives.
  3. Emergency Response Plan Evaluation: Evaluate emergency response plans.
  4. Workspace Ergonomics Poll: Assess employee satisfaction with workspace ergonomics.
  5. Mental Health Support Preferences: Poll on preferred mental health support and resources.

Product Launch Meetings

  1. Product Name Voting: Collaboratively choose a name for a new product.
  2. Launch Event Preferences: Decide on the format and location of the product launch.
  3. Marketing Collaboration Poll: Coordinate marketing efforts across teams.
  4. Pricing Strategy Vote: Decide on pricing strategies for the new product.
  5. Post-Launch Review Timing: Schedule post-launch review meetings.

Miscellaneous Meeting Ideas

  1. Seasonal Event Planning: Plan and vote on seasonal company events.
  2. Charity Partnership Voting: Decide on charity organizations to partner with.
  3. Office Decor Preferences: Poll employees on office decoration preferences.
  4. Professional Development Focus: Determine areas for professional development.
  5. Customer Service Improvement Voting: Decide on areas to improve in customer service.
  6. Green Initiative Choices: Vote on environmentally friendly practices.
  7. Global Expansion Polling: Assess opinions on global market expansions.
  8. Supplier Evaluation Voting: Rate and decide on suppliers.
  9. Investment Opportunity Assessment: Evaluate potential investment opportunities.
  10. Annual Meeting Agenda Setting: Collaboratively set the agenda for annual meetings.
  11. Language and Culture Training Needs: Poll on language and cultural training needs.
  12. Ethics and Compliance Feedback: Gather feedback on ethics and compliance training.
  13. Rebranding Opinion Poll: Gauge opinions on rebranding efforts.
  14. Future Technology Exploration: Poll on interest and investment in emerging technologies.


The diverse range of live poll ideas presented here illustrates the potential to transform ordinary meetings into interactive and meaningful experiences across all sectors and settings. Whether for employee engagement, customer feedback, strategic planning, or crisis management, live polls can add value, foster collaboration, and provide actionable insights. By utilizing these poll ideas, you can enrich discussions, drive decision-making, and create more engaging and productive meetings.