Get Real With Live Polls

Enhance collaboration, stimulate real-time feedback, ignite creativity, or simply measure consensus with the versatility of Live Polls in your meetings.

From brainstorming new strategies to assessing employee satisfaction, polls turn ordinary discussions into interactive and insightful conversations.

Live Polls vs Surveys, What’s the Diff?

A poll is a quick and easy way to gauge your audience’s choices and perspectives. Survey’s, on the other hand, collect in-depth insights to detailed feedback often through many questions.

The old school way to doing a live poll with your audience is by saying “let me see a show of hands…” But that isn’t effective for online or hybrid audiences.  Using MeetMoji’s live poll feature, you can pose simple questions, focused on specific topics that can motivate your audience, give you a sense of their interest, and keep their attention.  

Now, let me see a show of hands for how many of you like this feature. 😊

How Does it Work?


Create your poll and have your audience respond by joining through a QR code or a link.

conduct live polls

Allow your audience to send answers from their phones or laptops in real time.


Answer your audience’s questions and present them when you want, for everyone to see, using the meeting control center.

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