Get Your Mojo in Motion with Streaming Emojis

MeetMoji’s Streaming Emojis feature provides a fun and engaging experience that offers an opportunity to receive feedback from everyone in your audience. Participants who are online, offline, or off-camera can all contribute to these on-screen visual cues and real-time reactions.

This provides you the opportunity to gauge the pulse of your audience, and it also empowers the audience to join in the discussion, non-verbally.

More Than Just a Smiley Face

Emoticons, which led to emojis, have been around for than 100 years. Research has found, we humans are compelled to share feedback with non-verbal cues such as emojis to clarify ambiguity, attitude, attention, and add emotional context.

With MeetMoji’s Q&A feature you can encourage everyone – online and in-person — to share their non-verbal feedback.

The streaming emoji feature allows anonymous, open, and transparent sharing.

If you find yourself presenting to people who have their cameras-off, or to audiences that appear as small boxes on your screen, or even to large in-person audiences Streaming Emojis provide a superior way to gauge interest and involvement.

From Playful to Professional: Emojis Take Over the Workplace

The perception of emojis as solely lighthearted icons for casual texting is quickly becoming outdated. A recent Adobe report ( reveals a significant surge in emoji use within professional settings. This trend suggests a fascinating shift: emojis are no longer just playful add-ons but are being intentionally designed to cater to the needs of businesses. By offering a more concise and engaging way to communicate, emojis can help businesses foster a positive and approachable brand image while streamlining communication.

Bridging the Gap Beyond Words

In our increasingly connected world, we face challenges in communication that go beyond language barriers. Cultural differences and even neurodiversity can create misunderstandings. But fear not, there’s a tiny hero in our digital pockets: the emoji.

These little icons are more than just smiley faces; they’re a visual language that can bridge communication gaps in surprising ways. Here’s how emojis can help us connect:

1. Conveying Emotions Universally: A thumbs up means approval almost everywhere, and a tearful emoji expresses sadness across cultures. Emojis bypass the need for translating emotions, adding a layer of understanding to text-based communication.

2. Breaking Down Cultural Walls: A folded hands emoji can signify “please” in some cultures, “thank you” in others, and even a high five! While there can be nuances, emojis often convey general ideas that can be understood across cultures.

3. Understanding for Neurodiversity: For people on the autism spectrum, for example, emojis can help decipher the often-subtle social cues of written communication. A playful wink can clarify a joke, and a confused emoji can prompt clarification.

Real-time Feedback with Anonymous Emojis

Imagine giving a presentation and instantly gauging your audience’s reaction, not through applause or awkward silence, but through a live stream of emojis from everyone whether they are showing up in person or online. Sure we can send emojis in the chat, but the presenter never see these and the in person participants are left out, with MeetMoji everyone gets to participate, everyone is anonymous, and everyone can see the emojis. You’ll be amazed with how this make engagement explode!

Here’s how it works:

  • Audience Participation: During your presentation, attendees can anonymously submit emojis by scanning a QR code and sending them over .
  • Live Feedback Stream: These emojis appear live on your slides, giving you a real-time pulse of how your message is resonating.

Benefits of Anonymous Emoji Feedback:

  • Encourages Participation: Anonymity can empower even the shyest audience members to share their thoughts.
  • Real-time Pulse Check: Gauge audience understanding and engagement throughout your presentation.
  • Valuable Insights: Identify areas that need improvement or confirm successful delivery.
  • Increased Interaction: Transform presentations from one-way lectures to interactive experiences.

use emojis to improve communication
use emojis to improve communication
use emojis to improve communication
use emojis to improve communication

How MeetMoji Makes Bring Your Presentations to Life with Emojis?


Start your session with MeetMoji and share your screen: in person, online or both.

Gather open feedback for open and transparent sharing.

Enable reactions anytime you want feedback from your audience, whether they’re in person, online, or somewhere in between. 


Using the QR code for your MeetMoji session, empower your audience to provide get real-time feedback by choosing the streaming emoji of their choice.

On-screen visual cues from your audience provide immediate feedback, allowing you to adjust your presentation in real-time and keep the energy flowing.

Ready to get started?

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