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  • Add Polls & Content


    Add Polls & Content

    Adding Polls and Content to Your MeetUp in MeetMoji MeetMoji MeetUps offer a dynamic platform for creating presentations that captivate your audience. Whether you’re hosting a simple session with a few polls or a full-fledged event, MeetUps’ scenes allow you to seamlessly integrate content and interactivity. Here’s how to get started: Understanding Scenes Adding a…

  • Make it Rain Mojis


    Make it Rain Mojis

    Experience the Excitement with Participant Mojis Our unique feature brings your audience to life, transforming the conventional list of participant names into a vibrant display of flying mojis. As participants join your MeetUp, either by scanning a QR code in-person or by connecting online, you’ll see their enthusiasm represented by lively mojis making their entrance.…

  • How to Vote in MeetMoji


    How to Vote in MeetMoji

    How to Vote in a MeetMoji Poll Participating in a MeetMoji poll is straightforward and doesn’t require any app downloads or logins. Whether you’re in-person or joining remotely, you can easily have your say. Follow these simple steps to cast your vote: If You’re in the Room: If You’re Participating Remotely or Prefer Not to…

  • Publish a Read-Only MeetUp


    Publish a Read-Only MeetUp

    How to Publish and Share Your MeetUp Our “Publish a MeetUp” feature allows you to share a comprehensive view of your presentation, including slides, videos, documents, and interactive live polls, with participants or stakeholders. Follow these steps to publish your MeetUp and share a read-only version with your audience. Step 1: Finalize Your MeetUp Content…

  • Share a MeetMoji MeetUp


    Share a MeetMoji MeetUp

    Sharing Your MeetUp: A Guide for Enhanced Collaboration and Engagement 1. Sharing a Copy of Your MeetUp for Collaboration If you’re looking to collaborate on a MeetUp or provide a copy of your presentation to another user, you can share a copy directly to another MeetMoji account. This method is ideal for team collaborations, peer…

  • MeetMoji Presentation Controls


    MeetMoji Presentation Controls

    Presenting and Navigating Your MeetUp in MeetMoji Welcome to MeetMoji, where your presentations come alive beyond traditional slides! Our MeetUps allow you to seamlessly integrate slides, videos, and interactive polls to engage your audience like never before. Here’s how to get started: Launching Your MeetUp Navigating Your MeetUp Engaging Your Audience Concluding Your MeetUp Optional…