Present Better with Interactive Q&A

MeetMoji’s Interactive Question & Answer feature bridges the gap between in-person and online audiences. With more teams returning to work and taking advantage of hybrid office schedules, presenters need a better way to receive and manage questions from all participants.

Managing Hybrid Questions and Answers

Online meeting platforms provide chat options where the audience typically posts comments and questions.

The challenge for presenters is trying to keep track of an onslaught of activity in chat, while finding questions AND trying to run their presentation.

With MeetMoji’s Q&A feature, presenters can manage, share and respond to questions directly on screen as part of the presentation.

How Does it Work?


Start your session with MeetMoji and share your screen: in person, online or both.

Gather open feedback for open and transparent sharing.

Enable or disable questions anytime you want. When enabled, your audience can submit questions, and you will be discreetly notified in the meeting control center.

Present Better with Interactive Q&A

Answer your audience’s questions and present them when you want, for everyone to see, using the meeting control center.

On-screen visual cues from your audience provide immediate feedback, allowing you to adjust your presentation in real-time and keep the energy flowing.

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