Embrace Hybrid Sales with Calendly and MeetMoji

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Embrace Hybrid Sales with Calendly and MeetMoji

Introduction: In today’s hybrid forever world, the need to adapt your sales approach to your customers hybrid environments has become more crucial than ever. Spending the last 20 years in sales, marketing, and communications roles at major tech companies like Adobe, Amazon, SAP, and IBM, I understand the importance of aligning sales strategies with the evolving needs of our clients. As we transitioned from purely online to hybrid work this led me to explore all possibilities that could make my job as a field facing leader easier, along this journey I found many frustrations but one standout success.

Calendly was that standout success, during our transition online and back to hybrid Calendly has become a constant tool for me to find and arrange time more easily with friends, colleagues, and prospects. I built MeetMoji to fills the other gaps I saw with meetings like how to adapt to presenting in different meeting platforms, engaging audiences that can show up anywhere, or just simply seamlessly presenting anything without extensive prep time or awkward screen sharing transitions. Today the combination of MeetMoji and Calendly allow me to schedule meetings with anyone and easily adapt to how they want to me.

Calendly: Calendly has changed the way we schedule meetings, allowing sales professionals to adapt their availability and preferences to meet when it works best for all parties involved. With Calendly, you can seamlessly coordinate meetings and eliminate the tedious back-and-forth emails. Whether you’re meeting in-person or virtually, Calendly enables you to meet your prospects and clients on their terms, improving efficiency and enhancing client satisfaction.

MeetMoji: MeetMoji changes they way you prepare, present and engage during meetings allowing your to adapt seamlessly to any meeting scenario. It’s the ultimate solution for adapting to the preferences and technology choices of your audience, regardless of the meeting platform they prefer. With MeetMoji, you can deliver captivating presentations, share videos, run polls, facilitate brainstorming sessions, and foster interactive discussions—all within the context of any meeting platform. This flexibility allows you to tailor your sales pitches and engage your audience effectively, driving impactful conversations without fumbling around with the meeting technoloyg.

Adaptation as the Key to Sales Excellence: In the realm of hybrid sales, adaptation is the cornerstone of success. Sales professionals must be agile, ready to meet prospects and clients where they are and engage in the manner that resonates with them. Calendly and MeetMoji together provide a comprehensive toolkit for adapting your sales approach. Calendly ensures that you can schedule meetings at your prospects’ preferred time, while MeetMoji enables you to present and engage seamlessly in any meeting platform, catering to the unique needs of your audience.

The Power of Calendly and MeetMoji: By combining the power of Calendly and MeetMoji, you unlock a dynamic synergy that streamlines your sales process and enhances your engagement capabilities. Calendly allows you to schedule meetings with ease, while MeetMoji empowers you to present anything and engage everyone on any meeting platform. These platforms equips you with the ability to adapt to your prospects’ preferred meeting times and present in a way that resonates with them, regardless of the meeting platform they choose.

Conclusion: In the realm of hybrid sales, the ability to adapt is paramount. Calendly and MeetMoji provide the essential tools to adapt your sales approach, ensuring seamless meeting scheduling and engaging presentations that resonate with your audience. With Calendly, you can meet prospects when they want, while MeetMoji empowers you to meet them how they want. Embrace the power of adaptation in your sales journey and leverage the integrated capabilities of Calendly and MeetMoji to elevate your sales success in the dynamic hybrid landscape.

(Note: Link to the “How I Built This with Guy Raz” episode on Calendly’s origins: https://www.npr.org/2020/09/11/911960189/calendly-tope-awotona)