Interactive Word Clouds

What is a Word Cloud?

A word cloud, also known as a tag cloud or text cloud, is a visual representation of text data or emojis. MeetMoji provides live word clouds, simplifying how you can engage with your audience during a presentation. 

As the audience responds to your prompt, their feedback is depicted as a collection of keywords, with the importance of each word represented by its size or color. 

MeetMoji’s engagement features are easier to use and increase audience participation as a result. Now you can get real-time insight into the thoughts and opinions of your participants.

Live Word Clouds

Break the ice or do a pulse check with your team; explore new ideas or simply gauge opinions through the interactive experience of Live Word Clouds.

How Does it Work?


Create your word cloud poll in MeetMoji by posing a question to the audience.


Prompt your audience to send answers from their phones or laptops using your event QR code


Watch as the responses appear, in real time, directly in your presentation

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