Make it Rain Mojis

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Experience the Excitement with Participant Mojis

Our unique feature brings your audience to life, transforming the conventional list of participant names into a vibrant display of flying mojis. As participants join your MeetUp, either by scanning a QR code in-person or by connecting online, you’ll see their enthusiasm represented by lively mojis making their entrance. Here’s how it works and what it brings to your MeetUp:

How Participant Mojis Appear:

  1. Joining the MeetUp: As participants enter your session by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen or by joining through the website, our system instantly recognizes their presence.
  2. Mojis Make Their Entrance: With each new participant, a fun and unique moji appears on the presenter’s screen, symbolizing the individual joining the crowd. These mojis “fly in,” adding a playful and engaging visual element to the start of your MeetUp.
  3. Ready to Engage: Each moji not only represents a participant’s presence but also indicates their readiness to interact, vote in polls, and be an active part of your presentation.

Benefits of Participant Mojis:

  • Visual Engagement: Transform the often dull experience of waiting for participants to join into a fun and engaging visual spectacle.
  • Instant Feedback: Get a real-time sense of how many people are actively engaged and ready to participate in your MeetUp.
  • Break the Ice: The playful nature of mojis can help lighten the mood and serve as a conversation starter, making your MeetUp more welcoming and interactive.

Tips for Presenters:

  • Highlight the Mojis: At the beginning of your MeetUp, point out the flying mojis to your audience. It’s a great way to acknowledge their presence and encourage further participation.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Use the mojis as a cue to interact with your participants. Ask them if they’re ready to start, or if everyone who intended to join is represented by a moji.
  • Monitor Participation: Keep an eye on the influx of mojis as your session progresses. It can give you valuable insights into participant engagement and attendance trends.

For Participants:

  • Join Early: Scan the QR code or join via the website as soon as you can to see your moji make its grand entrance.
  • Stay Active: Your moji represents your readiness to participate. Stay engaged to make the most out of the MeetUp.

Wanna Give it a Try?

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