March Madness Polls. Test Your Bracket Skills with Polls!

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the march madness logo is displayed on the side of a building
the march madness logo is displayed on the side of a building

March Madness is here! Brackets are filled, upsets are predicted, and the anticipation for buzzer-beaters and Cinderella stories is at a fever pitch. But before the games tip-off, why not test the knowledge of your friends and colleagues with some fun March Madness polls?

This blog post will serve as your ultimate guide, providing a range of trivia questions (perfect for turning into polls!) from easy to challenging, along with interesting facts to impress everyone. We’ll also show you how to use MeetMoji’s AI generation features to create engaging March Madness polls to share the fun!

Top 10 March Madness Trivia (Transformed into Polls!)

Get ready to spark some friendly competition with these top trivia questions, categorized by difficulty, all easily transformed into engaging polls on MeetMoji:


  1. Which team reigns supreme with the most NCAA championships? (a) UCLA (b) Kentucky (c) Duke (d) Kansas
  2. What trophy awaits the NCAA champion? (a) The Commissioner’s Cup (b) The National Championship Trophy (c) The Coaches Trophy (d) The Final Four TrophyOpens in a new windowuconnhuskies.comNCAA Championship Trophy


  1. Who gets the credit for the “cut down the nets” tradition? (a) John Wooden (b) Mike Krzyzewski (c) Everett Case (d) Dean Smith
  2. What’s the lowest seed to ever win the entire tournament? (a) 15 Seed (b) 14 Seed (c) 13 Seed (d) 16 Seed


  1. Who holds the single-game scoring record? (a) Michael Jordan (b) Wilt Chamberlain (c) Butch Lee (d) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Which player went a perfect 21 for 22 from the field in a championship game? (a) Magic Johnson (b) Larry Bird (c) Julius Erving (d) Donny Mills

Bonus Poll: Can you guess the five teams to reach the Final Four as the lowest seed ever? (Create a poll with all five teams as options)

Become a March Madness Poll Master with MeetMoji!

Now that you’ve got some trivia firepower, it’s time to share the fun with MeetMoji! MeetMoji’s AI generation features allow you to create interactive March Madness polls to challenge your friends and colleagues. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for here MeetMoji (it’s free!) .
  2. Generated Polls with AI: Simply provide a starting question or topic related to March Madness, and MeetMoji will generate multiple-choice poll options for you.
  3. Personalize your poll! Refine the questions if you want, and decide if your next scene is the answer.
  4. Present your MeetUp and Polls your Friend and Colleagues! Spice up your next presentation with some March Madness trivia to get your audience engaged and interacting!

Get Started with Fun & Free Polling with MeetMoji!

With MeetMoji’s AI features, creating engaging March Madness polls is a breeze. So ditch the boring old polls and let MeetMoji bring the excitement to your March Madness experience. Sign up for free and let the polling madness begin!

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