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5 ways to avoid death by PowerPoint

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5 ways to avoid death by PowerPoint

Tools and Techniques to keep you audience awake and engaged


A boring speaker presenting endless slides, filled with so many bullets that our eyes started to glaze over…  We’ve all been there.  And while we all desperately want to avoid the pain, it seems virtual and hybrid meetings have only exacerbated the problem.  During an in-person meeting,  the average speaker can keep an audience’s attention for up to 15 to 20 minutes.  Shift to online and hybrid, and that same speaker must deal with attention spans of just 3-5 minutes. Plus, when an audience is online, distractions are just a click away. 

Fear not! You can capture and keep your audience’s attention through the use of engaging content and engaging moments. In this article, we will explore tools and techniques to help you present and engage like a pro.

#1 Elevate Your Slides with Beautiful.ai, Slides.com, Prezi, Canva anything 🙏:

The need to produce slides is a reality in most meetings ; done well, they give your story structure and a tool to communicate visually But, if they are poorly designed they lose their benefit immediately. Gone are the days of boring, text-heavy slides. Today, visually-compelling, well-designed slides are a must. The good news is today there are more ways than ever to create compelling beautiful slides without having to be a design expert. Tools like Beautiful.ai, Slides.com, Prezi, Canva make it easy to create visually-compelling, well-designed slides.These platforms offer a wide array of professional templates, eye-catching graphics, and easy-to-use interfaces, which empower you to present your story in a visually appealing and engaging manner. For example, Prezi has a great “floating mode” feature so you can show both you and your content, floating on your camera – to give your audience a much richer experience . While this may be too far out there for most presenters, the options to communicate are large and growing everyday.

#2 Engaging Content – Break up your slides with video custom video 🎥 content:

While a picture paints a thousand words a good video can replace a thousand slides.  People only remember stories, feelings, and maybe three points.  Short form animated explainer videos fill your story with emotion and impact that your audience will appreciate and remember.  Almost everyone feels that creating this level of video production is out of reach for the average person, but the reality is that adding a custom video that you create can be much simpler than you imagine.  Tools like Biteable, Canva, or Vyond all aim to democratize video creation so that anyone can create a video quickly and easily without having to learn or buy expensive and complicated video editing software. Spice up your presentation by including short, relevant videos that convey your message effectively. This will also add an element of surprise and entertainment.

#3 Engaging Moments with MeetMoji – Polls, Word Cloud ☁️, Open Feedback, Emojis:

Pausing to read the chat, getting interrupted by people who just like to hear themselves talk, or holding feedback until the end of the presentation can quickly kill meeting mojo .  Instead, engage early and often by leveraging audience engagement tools like MeetMoji that allow you to get real time feedback through word clouds, brainstorming, emojis, and polls that keep your audience engaged. You can offer this interaction no matter where your audience attends from, or what meeting platform you use. These tools allow you to gather instant feedback, spark discussions, and make your audience feel involved.  To gauge opinions or knowledge, incorporate word clouds to visually represent the collective thoughts of your audience. And, by integrating at least three engaging moments in your meeting you will get your meeting mojo back and create a renewed a sense of participation and connection.

#4 Gamify your presentation with a little friendly competition

To introduce a touch of friendly competition and interactivity in your meeting, try incorporating fun tools like Kahoot, Gimkit, or Jeopardy Labs into your presentations. These tools offer a vast library of customizable quizzes and games that engage your audience by challenging them to answer questions, solve puzzles, or compete against each other. The added benefit is that you effectively turned your presentation into an exciting and interactive learning experience.

#5 Make your meeting simple to run so you can engage with everyone

In the world of virtual and hybrid meetings, it is crucial to simplify the process of running your meetings so that you can focus on what truly matters – engaging with your audience. But delivering a captivating and well-produced meeting can feel like an uphill battle. You either have to become a master of the technology or rely on external production assistance, both of which can be time-consuming, overwhelming, or expensive.  

That’s why we give you the ability to create scenes in MeetMoji. In MeetMoji scenes anyone can easily combine engaging content with engaging moments and engaging applications. Scenes empower you to seamlessly incorporate dynamic content, interactive features, and engaging moments, all in one place. Gone are the days of struggling to navigate multiple tools.  MeetMoji streamlines the process by allowing you to effortlessly transition between scenes, like switching slides on a PowerPoint, and seamlessly integrating slides with polls, videos, word clouds, quizzes, or any application you want.

With MeetMoji, there’s no need to stress about becoming a tech expert or bringing in outside production assistance. Our user-friendly platform puts the power of professional-level presentations in your hands, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can deliver a simple yet incredibly engaging meeting.  So, don’t let the complexity of technology hinder your ability to connect with your audience. 

MeetMoji Scenes

Switch between engaging moments, engaging content, and engaging applications with one click

No More Death by Powerpoint:

Breaking free from Death by PowerPoint is within your reach. By implementing these top five techniques, you can transform your presentations into captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact. Utilize tools like Beautiful.ai or Slides.com for visually stunning slides, add captivating videos with Biteable, Canva, or Vyond, and keep your meeting simple to run and engaging for everyone with MeetMoji.

Why settle for the constraints of PowerPoint when you can unlock a whole new level of engagement in your meeting AND keep it simple to run? 

Save your audience. Sign up today at www.meetmoji.com and make your next meeting better.