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To Be Developed

Timed Quizes

Have a question but eager to test your audience’s knowledge first? Quizzes are perfect for this. Start with a countdown, observe as the votes pour in, and reveal the answer at the end of the poll. The fun doesn’t stop there—watch as a celebratory emoji wearing a party hat descends onto the scene, rewarding those who guessed correctly.

To Be Developed

Branded Spinner Wheels

Everyone enjoys a bit of drama in a meeting or presentation, which is why we’re introducing a spinning wheel. Press the space bar to start and watch it spin. Tap the space bar once more to reveal the live, random results! See who won, who lost, or who just got a bit dizzy watching.

Released: April 2024

Import your PowerPoint

Looking to enhance your slide deck with polls, embeddable apps, documents, videos, and more? With our upcoming PPT import feature, you’ll be able to transform your PowerPoint deck into interactive scenes. This allows for seamless navigation between slides and polls at the click of a button or a presentation clicker. Upgrading your presentations with engaging elements has never been easier.

Released: April 2024

Q&A that includes Everyone

Managing a Q&A session with a hybrid audience can be daunting, especially when you’re presenting and simultaneously trying to sift through chat messages to repeat questions aloud. With the MeetMoji Q&A component, this challenge is a thing of the past. Now, you can seamlessly include both online and in-person participants, displaying all questions on screen for everyone to see and discuss.

Released: April 2024

Emoji Cloud

We’ve offered a Word Cloud feature for some time, but now, in response to customer requests, we’re taking it to the next level with an exciting enhancement: the Emoji Cloud.

Released: April 2024

Circle & Vertical Polls

Polls are a fantastic engagement tool, but running several consecutively can sometimes become visually monotonous. To spice things up, we’re introducing fun circle polls and vertical polls as dynamic alternatives to our classic horizontal polls. While the horizontal format remains our favorite, it’s always great to have options!

Released: March 2024

Free Account Tier

You’ve requested it, and we’re delivering—a completely free account tier. Say goodbye to free trials; now you can use up to 5 interactive polls and allow up to 25 participants to vote in our polls with our ‘Free Forever’ account tier.

Released: March 2024

Google Slides Add-On

Now, you can directly integrate MeetMoji polls into your Google Slides.

To Install Click here.

Released: February 2024

AI Response Summaries

With our AI assistant, you can quickly obtain summaries and sentiment analyses of your audience’s responses.

Released: February 2024

AI-Generated Polls

Enhance audience engagement with creative ideas from ChatMoji, our Anthropic-powered AI assistant.

Released: January 2024

Making it Rain Mojis

Say goodbye to boring counters, now you can see participants joining in to participate with lively Mojis making their entrance.

For a tip on how to make them rain anytime click here.

Released: January 2024

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Enterprise Single Sign On

Built for our enterprise clients, we’ve introduced SAML-based Single Sign-On, now available to our Enterprise and Business level customers.

Released: December 2023

Remote Moji

A remote control feature that enables you to navigate scenes and manage your MeetUp using a second screen.

Learn more about how to navigate here.

Released: December 2023

Pin A Scene

Ever wished for the ability to seamlessly toggle between Slides and Polls with just a single click? With our ‘Pin a Scene’ feature, your wish is granted. You can now pin your slides in the background and effortlessly bring your polls to the forefront whenever you desire.”

Released: November 2023

Streaming Emojis

Ever felt left out of the joke while presenting because you couldn’t see the chat reactions, or worried that your audience wasn’t engaged? With MeetMoji Streaming Emojis, you can receive real-time feedback from your entire audience, both in-person and online. The best part? You can see the reactions displayed on the screen, ensuring you’re always in tune with your audience’s mood.

Released: November 2023

Share a Public MeetUp

Looking to share the wealth of content from your meeting without resorting to an endless list of attachments? With MeetMoji’s Shared Scene feature, you can now consolidate everything into a single link. Simply click ‘Publish’ at the top of your MeetUp, copy the link, and share it with ease!

Released: November 2023

Slides, Docs, and Videos

Looking to integrate content seamlessly with your polls without the hassle of closing your presentation to switch to a poll? With MeetMoji Content Components, you can effortlessly incorporate various formats such as PPT, Google Slides, videos, and documents like PDFs and even Excel files into your presentation. This feature makes it simpler than ever to deliver a dynamic presentation that goes beyond traditional slides.

Released: October 2023

Embed Anything

Looking to incorporate content from your favorite apps like Canva,,, or any platform with an embed code? Now you can, thanks to our MeetMoji Embed Component.

Released: October 2023

Live Word Clouds

Fun, engaging, and visually appealing, real-time word clouds offer a fantastic way to gather audience feedback that’s both visible and readable directly on the screen. Now, incorporating them into your next presentation is easier than ever.

Released: September 2023

Open Ended Feedback

Ensuring every voice is heard can be challenging, especially when brainstorming with both virtual and in-person audiences simultaneously. Now, with our Open-Ended Questions feature, you can effortlessly gather feedback or brainstorm ideas from everyone, making inclusive collaboration possible.

Released: September 2023

Live Polls

Sure, you might use polls in Teams, Zoom, and other platforms regularly, but participation can be limited when not everyone is online or logged into their devices individually. With MeetMoji, you can enable everyone to participate in your polls, whether they’re in person, online, or both simultaneously. There’s no app to download and no account needed to log in.

Released: August 2023

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Beta Launch

We launched our Beta with an enthusiastic group of users and received invaluable feedback. A big thank you to everyone who contributed, with special appreciation for those who provided exceptional feedback.

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